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Solostream WP-Responsive is a versatile theme, suitable for business websites, online magazines and blogs.  As the name suggests, the theme incorporates a responsive design: it will adapt to your visitor’s screen.

This theme supports natively two WordPress menus. The second menu appears at the footer of the page.

WP-Responsive installs with five custom widgets: Category Posts, Featured Page, Side Tabs, Social Media Icons, and Subscribe Box.

The theme serves ten widgetized areas: Sidebar-Wide-Top, Sidebar-Wide-Bottom Left, Sidebar-Wide-Bottom Right, Sidebar-Narrow, Alt Home Page (3x), and Footer (3x). The Bottom Left and Right sidebars are two narrow sidebars, placed between the Sidebar-Wide Top and the Footers.

The three Alt Home Page Widgets in combination with the Alternate Home Page Template give you a business like homepage with three columns where you are can publish any content available via widgets: posts, pages, and video – whatever.

The panel page includes eleven tabbed areas: Basic Site Settings, Subscription Form and Contact Settings, Logo/Site Title Settings, Home Page and Archive Page Layout, Featured Pages, Advertisement Settings, Basic Style Settings, Top Navigation Style Settings, Main Content Style Settings, Sidebar Style Settings, and Footer Style Settings.

For the Default Page Layout, the Basic Site Settings lets you choose between seven different combinations of a content area with one or two sidebars, wide or narrow. When creating a post or a page, you can always override these default settings.

WP-Responsive offers only one color scheme – default. Additional options are offered by means of the Style Settings tabs, where you can set the colors for the main elements. When needed, a color picker is available to set your preferred hex values.

When you have installed the Get the Image plugin, the Featured Image is supported partly; Featured Images are displayed on the single posts pages, but not on the index pages. In case you want to use the Featured Image also as your first post image, you will have to select the image twice, first as Featured Image, and a second time to insert it into you post.

Solostream WP-Responsive
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